Engineering Company: Experts in Civil, Structural and Marine Engineering for Projects Located in Areas.

We provide solutions to the challenges of development in our fragile environment.

We offer cost-conscious, practical and creative solutions for clients all over the West. Our greatest desire is that our influence in each and every project is quality, creativity, and above all, integrity


    Unlike many others, WhiteField Construction sees every challenge as an opportunity. An opportunity to do what we do best - serve as a solid advocate for clients with the ability to complete even the toughest projects and save money in the process. In good times and bad, we work hard to become partners with our clients and understand their businesses. When budgets tighten, that knowledge helps us find ways to shave costs without losing quality. Knowing our clients also allows us to think outside of the box and make suggestions the team may not have considered before.

    - Mr. Dufort, Chairman

Established in 2005, WhiteField Construction greatest asset, our team is not only highly qualified, but they are ethical, talented people with strong leadership skills and deep-rooted community values.


Providing solutions for the benefit of our clients and community. Our Values include: Collaboration and Innovation
Honesty and Integrity
Empowerment and Professional Growth
Preserving Environment
Strong Work Ethic
Work/Life Balance



  • MR. DUFORT CEO and Chairman

    Distinguished and multiple award winning entrepreneur, who is the founder of WhiteField Construction, and undoubtedly the main figure behind the success story of WhiteField and its several subsidiaries.

  • BRANDON HAUSMANN PE Principal Engineer

    During his 16 year career he has spent time in managing heavy civil construction projects, and leading renewable energy engineering projects.

  • CHARLES R. ASHLEY JR. SE Principal Engineer

    With a Structural Engineering license, a degree in Civil Engineering he is a lead structural engineer for custom residential and commercial projects, Charles designs and oversees structural projects. .

  • JOHN VOSKUYL Executive Director - Construction

    With a background in forensic engineering, structural engineering for post-tensioning projects and project management, John is enthusiastic to apply his knowledge to diverse projects at WhiteField.

  • TRUITT VANCE SE Principal Engineer

    He has a proven track record of delivering cost-effective and inventive designs that meet the goals of the clients, architects, contractors and other professionals. .


    With background in both architecture and construction, Tyler knows some of the needs and desires of architectural design and how structural engineering can supplement and enhance those goals